About the Artist

“Todd and His phony Bio’s…….”

Anyone that knew Todd, knew that he liked to be a prankster. One of his favorite things was to create several different “about the Artist” stories. One of which was debuted in his gallery exposition. It caused quite a stir amongst the visitors and at one point had to be pulled from the show. Please note, the Bio’s shown here are made up. Some bits of them are true but the majority of what’s written came from the imagination, not from real life.

Todd Lindsey apJones was born in Marquette, on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He then settled in Uptown Minneapolis.

He never graduated from high school and was kicked out of Vo-Tech afterwards for not completing any of his projects on time. His dismissal came hours after he was found with another woman in a deserted part of the school, legs intertwined, doing Transcendental Meditation. The faculty just assumed they were having sex.
“Two hippies don’t just sit there all interwiney without doing the monkey”, claimed the Dean of Students.

On September 3rd, 2002, he was admitted into Abbott Northwestern Hospital ‘Dead On Arrival’, having no pulse.He had lost seven pints of blood due to massive internal injuries – injuries from a life of heavy drug & alcohol abuse.By some fast and talented work by the attending physicians, he was brought back again.

All his life he drank like a fish, and he did all drugs like a fish.He would go into a hardware store and buy packets of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds and take them home and put them in a sock and pound them into a powder. Then dump it into a glass, stir it up, and drink it down.He would be tripping for the next three days, glued to his art table, and discovering new tools. Like sticks and rocks and Listerine.

One time, his trip lasted for about two years.He said he got possessed by some turn of the century French artist.A spirit scolding him late at night, saying things like “You suck.” and “You suck more than most.” The spirit gave him visions in the dark when he would close his eyes at night. Frenchy spirit was taunting him, like the French naturally do.

Frenchy eventually left, leaving Todd with the after burn – forever wearing the scars of this lengthy spiritual intrusion. Scars he found as another set of tools to bend and to stretch.

He never married, finding woman petty and disagreeable.

“He paints below the Eiffel Tower.
The chics dig him.
They hang out and smoke filterless cigarettes till he’s done.
Then they lift up their skirts.

It’s known he likes a full head of hair.
But he usually grabs a junkie.
One evening a woman stepped up, and declared her love.
And grabbed him by the hair.

Since then he has become the greatest artist the world has ever known.
This is the 9th of the “Sun and Moon” Series.

by Todd apJones

“Todd apJones was born in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

He has spent most of life in Uptown Minneapolis, with his wife and four children.

Occasionally he would got to Rex’s Hardware on 26th & Lyndale to purchase packets of morning glory seeds and eat them.
Then he would paint.
And then his wife would complain that it had been days since they had sex.
She would yammer on and on.”

by Todd apJones

“Todd apJones was born in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

We’d like to get deeper about this piece.

But there just isn’t a lot of information on this one.

We think Jen may be the niece of a friend.
And she may live in Omaha

Not much was written about her.
Although he loves the written word.

So we don’t really know what she really truly meant to him.”

by Todd apJones